Prices to Manufacture Concrete Countertops.

Concrete countertops are a custom crafted material for high end use and are often specified by designers or architects.


Standard concrete countertops range from $75 per square foot on up. Shower, Wall panels, and Tub surrounds start as low as $50 per square foot. Often the cost of installation is not included in this price range. Concrete countertops are handcrafted and are typically priced at a premium to granite, marble, and other natural stones. The true cost of the countertop is not in the concrete itself, but rather in the artisan’s creativity and time for creating special details, unique designs, transportation, and installation. Many homeowners are taking advantage of concrete’s flexibility and its ability to incorporate other functional features such as integral sinks, drainboards, and butcher blocks. MODern Concrete also provides backsplashes and wet walls in complementary colors and textures.


These items add to the cost:

 - Irregular or curved shapes

 - Thicker concrete

 - Integral drain boards

 - Custom edges

 - Back splashes in vertical pieces


Large orders sometimes reduce the cost.


Controlled Environment.

We control our studio environment to protect the success of our products. MODern Concrete pours in shop where conditions are controlled. We use special casting tables, and we have the project in our possession while it is curing and until it can be adequately sealed. Your project is not on hold like other cast in place methods and all wet grinding and polishing is done in shop rather than on the jobsite. We deliver and install your custom piece, not holding up other sub contractors while concrete is curing compared to pour on site contractors.