Curators of Concrete.

Concrete is a natural substance, and one of mankinds’s most durable and architecturally interesting inventions. Concrete is handmade and can be formed into just about any shape, in virtually any color, and in any texture. Art and practicality converging; defining elemental, interior design. Imagination is concrete’s only limitation; if you can dream it, it can be formed, and we can create it.



We are a designer and fabricator of custom one-of-a-kind architectural concrete for residential, commercial, and retail applications. Anything is possible with concrete. Unlimited color choices, unusual textures, and platforms. Our custom process even allows for the fabrication of shaped curves. We are cutting edge, design visionaries.


Durable Design.

Concrete is a hard material, and very functional in its various applications. Our concrete is made with only the highest quality water reducers and add mixtures that create a far less porous and more durable surface than conventional concrete. Considered within the industry to be a "high performance" concrete for both residential and commercial uses, our concrete has proven suitable for both interior and exterior applications. We use cutting edge pigments and dyes that create the most bold, vivid and long lasting colors in concrete.


David Youd.

Bringing Concrete Culture to Washinton state. David Youd is one of the Northwest’s few, Premier fabricators of concrete countertops, tub decks, fireplaces, vanities, and more. Our unique cement based creations include, inlays, drain-boards, and surfaces that will add to the overall visual impact of your home.


MODern Concrete offers something to its clients that other local concrete design studios cannot. As a Concrete Artisan with a successful and reputable General Contracting background, David offers more than 10 years of expertise in both the design and building process. MODern Concrete has quickly grown into a leading artisan firm specializing in custom concrete countertops as well as architectural precast designs. David's work has been showcased in Seattle Magazine, Puget Sound Business Journal as well as other notable publications.