Concrete fuses mineral & metallic; Implications of motion & the many senses of location, into the centerpiece of a home’s social center.



Coining a new phrase in the modernist world… Concrete is an essential part of our design world. All aspects of Modernism wouldn’t be so without it.


Simple. Clean. Elemental lines. Bold. Edgy. Aesthetic. Functional.

We bring concrete in from the cold. Fusing metal and stone with structural strength and tactile softness and clean, bold lines. The concrete we make cements art and practicality, defining elemental, interior design. We welcome the diversity of the work that comes our way. We welcome residential, commercial, as well as artistic needs. We celebrate the collaboration each job implies. There is little, not within our reach. We are capable of working out the finest details of design. Every project has possibility. Every project is unique. We are purveyors of fine concrete.


Concrete by Design.

We are cutting edge design visionaries. The beauty and uniqueness of concrete has become a material and solution that homeowners and designers are requesting and weaving into their homes, offices, retail outlets, and restaurants, as an architectural highlight. The concrete craze revolutionizes modern lines, functional art, and the fabrication of custom one-of-a-kind applications. Plain and simply, we dig custom concrete.


Our concrete lends aesthetic, creating a functional and unique appeal; creating the centerpiece and overall visual impact of your home or work environment. We look forward to the next opportunity to collaborate.


David Youd, Owner & Concrete Artisan.